Abeer Al Ameri

Abeer Al Ameri Founder and CEO of Salud is an Emirati national with Damascus genes. Born with roots from two rich cultures has gifted her with a cosmopolitan and intellectual state of mind. Graduated from Zayed University with a Bachelor in Communication & Media Sciences, Abeer has earned over 20 years of work experience ranging from international companies to financial and government industries.

Through her journey, she worked on large-scale projects in both media, training, communication, and interior design. In 2022, Abeer decided to start her journey and accumulated years of hard work into her Key passion, Decor & Design.

Having executed multiple Decor projects with inspiring stories and earning credibility of creative designs along with being recognized by everyone around her as a talented and accomplished artist with high-end taste, her family and friends had a key role in supporting her to trot on what will become her life’s success.